The Agape Help Center is here to help with all of those questions that you may have when you begin to think about being a parent.  We have programs in place to help educate you, while providing you with items for your baby.  Our Earn While You Learn Program (EWYL) will prepare you for the pregnancy month ahead, and for parenting in the coming years.
The program is simple: We have videos and resources to help you understand the pregnancy months, and what to expect when the baby arrives.  A parenting mentor will assist you with a plan that meets your specific needs and your situation.  You will enjoy learning about the baby and pregnancy.  It will help you prepare you for the big day!

Questions About the Program:

Do I need to be trained to be a parent?  Pregnancy and parenting bring lots of questions.  We want to help you feel more confident in becoming a parent.  Since our program continues after your baby is born, we can support you during this important time.
Can The Agape Help Center help with baby supplies?  Yes!  Part of the program (Earn While You Learn) is to help you earn Mommy Money to buy items in our store.  The Agape Help Center has so many baby items, and with your Mommy Money, you can choose what your baby needs.  Choose from formula, diapers, baby food, baby clothes and maternity clothing.  We even carry baby furniture, baby swings, strollers, car seats and more.

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This center does not perform or refer for abortion.