Do you think you might be pregnant? Did you take a home test and feel unsure about the results? Wanting to confirm you are actually pregnant with a professional?
Typically, a woman can find out she’s pregnant within days of her missed period. There are two types of tests used to detect pregnancy: a urine test or a blood test. Both measure human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels, a hormone that is only present in pregnancy. A urine pregnancy test is available at no cost at Agape Help Center. A blood test may be available through your doctor. The test offered at Agape Help Center is a lab grade test, meaning it is the same test that would offered at a doctor’s office. It is between 97-99% accurate in results.

Ultrasound coming soon!

In addition to a pregnancy test, Agape Help Center also offers you a consultation with a medical professional who is able to make referrals, answer your questions, and let you know approximately how far along you are, based upon your last menstrual period. You may qualify for an ultrasound, which is also provided at no cost to you. This will better estimate your gestational age (how far along you are) and confirm viability (probability of survival) which are both extremely helpful in your decision making process.

Why Get a Pregnancy Test at the Agape Help Center?

  • Confidential Testing and Results!
  • No cost
  • No lines
  • Medical professionals
  • Highly accurate
If you think you might be pregnant, regardless of the decision you are contemplating, you will need verification of a positive pregnancy test. This is a document from a medical professional certifying that you had a positive pregnancy test and stating your estimated due date. You will need verification of pregnancy to apply for Medicaid, or to get an abortion. We can provide you with your verification of pregnancy at no cost. You will also receive a consultation with our nurse who will answer any questions you have.

We’re Here to Help!

Getting a pregnancy test can be stressful. Oftentimes, it can seem surreal. Even if your test came up positive, it can still be hard to believe. Let us help you process what this means for you and your partner. At the Agape Help Center, we have medical professionals ready to help.
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