There are several signs of early pregnancy that can affect you in the first weeks. The Agape Help Center offers FREE pregnancy testing for women!
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Missed Period:
Frequently, a missed period is the first sign of pregnancy.
Slight Bleeding or Spotting:
Spotting or cramping may occur in early pregnancy, and can be confused with an irregular period.
Increased Discharge:
You may see an added mucus substance after using the restroom. (If there is an odor associated with this discharge, please consider STD testing.)
If you are pregnant, you may feel a difference in your energy level. You may seem tired, even in the middle of the day.
Morning Sickness:
It is common in the early weeks of pregnancy to feel nauseated in the morning, but this can linger throughout the day for some women.
Food Sensitivity:
Common foods that you once ate could smell different now or make you feel ill.
Abdominal Bloating:
Some women experience bloating and abdominal discomfort.
Tender or Swollen Breasts:
This is a common sign that affects many women in the early weeks of pregnancy. The nipples can become tender to touch and the breasts seem fuller and more sensitive.
Higher Body Temperature:
Women can feel like they are perspiring for no reason, and they may have a higher body temperature. Sometimes, early pregnancy will give hot flashes that are inconsistent and unpredictable.
Frequent Urination:
It is a common sign to have an increased urge to urinate during the first weeks of pregnancy.
Headaches and backaches are common with pre-menstrual symptoms. These are also signs of early pregnancy. A pregnancy test is needed to determine if a woman is pregnant.

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